Motor Centres in the Cerebral Convolutions Their Existence and Localization
Report on Dental Pathology and Surgery Read Before the American Dental Association August 1870
On the Treatment of Amputations by the Open Method
The Treatment of Affections of the Respiratory Passages and of Blood-Poisonings by Gaseous Enemata A Clinical Demonstration Before the Members of the Philadelphia County Medical Society at the German Hospital of Philadelphia March 30 1887
Ueber Die Schnacke Culex Pipiens Lin
Georgian Revel-Ations! Or the Most Accomplished Gentlemans Midnight Visit Below Stairs! A Poem Reprinted from a Clever Suppressed Work Entitled Pindaric Odes and Tales
Minutes of the Forty-Fourth Session of the Kentucky Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South Held in Maysville Kentucky September 1864
Benjamin Rush
The Medical Journals of the United States
Forty-First Annual Report of the Tasmanian Institution for the Blind Deaf and Dumb (Incorporated 1933) Together with Accounts and Balance Sheet Year Ended 30 6 38 (Appendix A) Return of Public Subscriptions Etc Year Ended 30 6 38 (Appendix B)
The Right Angle Continuous Intestinal Suture
Strontium A Study in Physiological Therapeutics
Placenta Previa Its Causes Diagnosis and Treatment With Three Cases All Mothers and Two Children Saved
Iodoform (Ter Iodide of Formyle C8322 H I8323) Its Therapeutical Effects
Ardent Spirits-Midshipmen Letter from the Secretary of the Navy Transmitting Opinions of Surgeons of the Navy in Relation to Allowing to the Midshipmen of the Navy of the United States Ardent Spirits as a Part of Their Rations January 14 1830
Environmental Influences Affecting Blondes in Rhodesia and Their Bearing on the Future A Survey of the Situation from the Medical and Scientific Standpoints
Der Preuisch-Hessische Eisenbahnvertrag Den Suddeutschen Zur Nutzanwendung!
Three Cases of Amaurotic Family Idiocy
Medical Department U S Army Field Supply Table Approved by the Secretary of War May 9 1898
Some Observations on the Oeconomy and Government of Hospitals Chiefly Regarding Medicine Most Humbly Addressed to All Presidents Vice-Presidents and Governors of Hospitals in and about London and to the Friends of the Poor and of the Arts of Physic
A Reply to the St Louis Medical and Surgical Journal by the Editor of the Nashville Journal of Medicine and Surgery
The Annual Announcement of the Medical Department of the University of the State of Missouri Session 1850-51
Historical Address Delivered at Craftsbury Common by Horace F Graham at the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Town of Craftsbury VT July 4th 1889
Case of Extirpation of a Bilocular Ovarian Cyst by the Large Peritoneal Section
Introductory Lecture to the Course Upon Physiology and Pathology in the Hahnemann Medical College Delivered October 16 1860
Optical Hygiene or the Refractive Care of Our Eyes Compliments of Dr W L Bullard Physician and Surgeon for All Diseases and Deformities of the Eye Ear Nose and Throat Columbus Ga
Lebanon Valley College Bulletin Vol 20 Department of Music 1931-1932 July 1931
Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Westchester for the Year 1872
Annual Address on the Events of the Year Delivered by Appointment February 22d 1860 According to the By-Laws of the Philadelphia County Medical Society
Gypsum Properties Definitions and Uses
Effect of Humidity on Physical Properties of Paper
Annual Retail Price List of J B Birch Nursery Co 1928
Trial of Madame Restell Alias Ann Lohman for Abortion and Causing the Death of Mrs Purdy Being a Full Account of All the Proceedings on the Trial Together with the Suppressed Evidence and Editorial Remarks
Finks Second Mammoth Mail Auction Sale of Coins Curios Indian and Civil War Relics Precious Stones Stamps Minerals Fire Arms Etc
An Accurate List of Persons Who Have Died of the Malignant Fever in This City Including Those at Bellevue C from July 29 to October 29 With the Date of Their Deaths Also of the Different Places Where the Deaths Occurred and the Number That Died in
The Landsdowne Ms (No 851) of Chaucers Canterbury Tales Vol 1
The Blue Hills Nurseries 1928
A Letter to Mrs and Other Loyal Women Touching the Matter of Contributions for the Army and Other Matters Connected with the War
Cautions Regarding Gas-Appliance Attachments
The Higher Education of Woman An Address Delivered at the Opening of Queens College Kingston Canada Session 1871-72
Dahlias Wholesale Price List 1928
Iris 1928 Plants for the Rock Garden
Abstracts and Summaries of the Bureau of Standards Publications on Stay-Current Electrolysis
Instructions for Using the Patent 100-Fold Filmograph for Taking from 1 to 100 Film Negatives in Succession Without Cumbersome Apparatus Also Instructions for Working Gelatine Films
Belmont Gardens 1928 Wholesale and Retail Growers of Roses and Gardenias
Lime Definitions and Specifications
A Cost Comparison of Alternative Systems for Shipping Citrus in Refrigerated Highway Trailer Vans
Aquifer Sensitivity Classification for Illinois Using Depth to Uppermost Aquifer Material and Aquifer Thickness
Windrowing Qualities of Co 281 and Other Varieties of Sugarcane Under Louisiana Conditions
Foreign Agriculture Circular June 9 1952 Flm-5-52

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